What is a Sales Dialer?

Are you trying to increase the number of conversations you can have with your addressable market with a sales dialer? If so, congratulations, sales dialers are an incredibly smart investment for most B2B sales teams.

What is a Sales Dialer?

A sales dialer is a piece of technology that speeds up the cold calling process. If you are manually dialing you are pushing each phone number by hand. Once you get to a phone tree you are manually getting to the right extension. If you get to the right person you having the conversation and/or manually leaving a voicemail. After the call ends you find the next phone number and manually dial it.
On the other hand, if you have a sales dialer you load lists of people (sometimes via CSV other times through a direct integration with your CRM) and the tool auto-dials for you. Once you hang up it dials the next number automatically. There are a lot of different features and functions but for the most part and sales dialer takes the manual parts out of the cold calling process.

Why Use a Sales Dialer?

Most companies considering using a sales dialer are trying to be more efficient. Wasted time is one of the biggest reasons salespeople fail. Why pay salespeople to manually dial phone numbers? There is technology out there that makes this process much faster and more enjoyable for the salesperson. If cold calling is a viable way for you to have more conversations with your target market then a sales dialer is a necessity.

When Does it Make Sense to Use a Sales Dialer?

If your addressable market picks up the phone it makes sense to use a sales dialer. If you have a sales team that is regularly making cold calls you should definitely be using a dialer of some type. Most B2B companies making cold calls need to be using a sales dialer.

What Do You Need to Make a Sales Dialer Work?

The biggest thing you need to make sales dialers work is good contact data. If you don’t have valid phone numbers it doesn’t matter how fast you can dial. There are many databases you can subscribe to for high-quality B2B contact data. At OutboundView we provide B2B list building and validation to ensure you have the best phone numbers possible. The better your contact data is, the more efficient your sales team will be.
Need great B2B contact data listsContact us to learn more about our B2B list building capabilities.

What Types of Sales Dialers Are There?

Systematic Dialers – With a systematic dialer you load in lists of contacts and the system will automatically dial the next number in the list the second you hang up. Many of these dialers work directly off of the list in your CRM. For example, you run a report in Salesforce of the people you want to dial and the systems will automatically call directly down those lists. You can also do things like voicemail drops with most systematic dialers. Our favorite Systematic Dialer is Frontspin.
Auto-Connect Dialers – These dialers call multiple numbers at once and when someone picks up they automatically put the call into your salesperson’s headphones. For example, they call four prospects at once and the second someone picks up that person gets thrown to your salesperson and you start the conversation. This allows you to have as many conversations as possible. Our two favorite auto-connect dialers are Orum and ConnectAndSell.

How Much Do Sales Dialers Cost?

Systematic dialers are fairly inexpensive, typically less than $100/user/month. Auto-connect dialers can be quite a bit more expensive, typically $750+/user/month or a per dial cost. Although those prices seem expensive, compare that to the cost of wasted time. With an auto-dialer, you can have your existing team be a lot more effective. You don’t have to hire as many people.
Most importantly, you’ll have a lot more conversations which should lead to many more qualified sales opportunities. If cold calling is viable for your business you absolutely should have an auto-dialer of some kind.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about sales dialers or the effectiveness of cold calling.

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