B2B Email Marketing – How to Start a Multi-Touch Marketing Campaign



A multi-touch campaign consists of multiple touches happening over a period of time during an outbound marketing program.  For example, 6 to 8 touches over a 20-day period using a mix of contact methods (email, call, social media, mailers, etc.).

My favorite way to start a multi-touch campaign is something that works really well, especially in the B2B Marketing world.  I start simple, sending an initial email on day 1.  We could go over what to include in this first email for hours, but the specifics you should be sure to hit are to be short, be brief, and talk about the customer’s needs.  Don’t talk about your system, solution, or how great your reporting is.

On day 3, you respond to that initial email with 1-2 sentences at most asking if the recipient got your original message.  Once you start doing this, you’ll see you start getting a great deal more returns.  When you start to get good at multi-touch campaigns, you’ll mix this in with every other part of your campaign, especially to cold prospects who have no idea who you are.

This is helpful because people are busy and might not have seen the original email, or just might not have come back to it.  After the day 3 email, go back into whatever the rest of your sequence was – sometimes it’ll end there, but most of the times it will go deeper.  I generally recommend phone calls, LinkedIn touches, social media, and whatever else makes sense within your niche.  Start doing this, and I’ll be shocked if on day 3 your responses aren’t significantly better than they were on day 1.

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