Building Multi-Touch Outbound Marketing Campaigns



One of the most effective ways to find leads from an outbound marketing perspective is to set up a multi-touch outbound marketing campaign.  Lots of people send random emails or one-off calls without following up or doing it in a specific series.  Multi-touch means utilizing a specific series.

For example, you may decide over a 25-day period that you’re going to touch someone seven different times.  You’ll use a mixture of different methods such as email, cold calls, direct mail, LinkedIn connects, or whatever works specifically within your niche.  While every niche and industry is a little bit different, it’s been proven that multi-touch campaigns work better than random one-off marketing or one-off lead generation.

For a basic start, plan on 6 to 8 touch points over 20 to 30 days – the exact number doesn’t matter that much, but what does matter is getting your plan set up and testing it.  In some industries, cold-calling makes more sense; in others, pure email works better because what you’re selling may not be expensive enough to mix in high touch.  Again, what works best for you will depend on your niche, and should be tested in order to find what will work best in your area.

The way I like to think about multi-touch is that almost every email has two parts.  If someone, say, signs up for a webinar they get the first part, an email asking about their interest.  The second part comes a few days later, following up on the previous email and asking if they received it.

What you’ll find as you start to set up and organize these campaigns is you’ll get much better responses, especially for new leads who have no idea who you are.  You may also get a mix of different kinds of responses, allowing you to figure out which kinds of messaging is working well for you.

A lot goes into multi-touch campaigns, but at the most basic level it requires being thoughtful and specific in how you reach out to people.  Start doing this, and you’ll get much better results.

I hope you enjoy the video!