Recommended Outbound Marketing Software



Today I’d like to talk about the sales stack, and outbound marketing software that helps manage multi-touch campaigns.  This software is something inside or outside sales people need if they have any kind of responsibility with prospecting or outreach to customers.

With a lot of my clients I work with, I find that their salespeople are either sending one-off emails with no process.  Also, they use their CRM to send email, which is one of my pet peeves.  They send outbound emails that come through with images, and people delete them because they don’t look like they come from another person.  They look like something generated by Hubspot or another marketing automation tool.

In order to prospect effectively, there are a number of different tools out there sales teams can use.  These tools are easy to implement, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive.  My two favorites are and Salesloft.  Both of these tools can connect with your CRM.

Imagine you’re a salesperson with 200 prospects, and you want to reach out to all of them utilizing a multi-touch campaign.  These tools will help you manage that so you can set up a cadence – sending an email on day one, another on day 3, a cold call on day 7, and a LinkedIn touch on day 9.  The software manages the complexity of this and manages issues that pop up when you’re emailing a lot of people, which is one of its biggest benefits.  If you send a hundred emails at a time, with 20 of those bouncing and 10 of them responding back, you can’t just automatically send the next email to people you’re having a conversation with.  The software pulls those people out of the automation, making it look like you’re having a ton of one-to-one conversations.

Another major benefit is how they help with personalization.  While on day 1 you could send out a templated email, on day 3 you need to be personalizing each email one-by-one, adapting your message based on the company or person you’re contacting.

If your salespeople are having trouble with email deliverability, or are having trouble setting up multi-touch campaigns, these tools are invaluable.  They’re also invaluable if your people are doing what I call “random acts of marketing,” randomly sending out stuff without diligence or a specific follow-up process.  Tools like outreach or Salesloft can help immensely in setting up that process.

If your team is serious about email, phone, or social outreach, these tools should definitely be your sales stack.  Many of them have free trials and are relatively affordable, making them something you should seriously consider to up your marketing game.

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