Lead Generation Companies

Lead Generation Companies

When you search lead generation companies you get over 540 million results!

One of the most challenging parts about searching for lead generation companies is figuring out which companies are actually legit. There is a lot of spam and junk in the lead generation space so be careful when finding the right agency.

At OutboundView we have 10+ yrs of experience in the lead generation and appointment setting space. Below are a few key options to consider.

You don’t have to just take our word for it. We’ve also linked to case studies for each of the lead generation companies as well!

Lead generation can mean a lot of different things. We’ve tried to break down the exact type of lead generation that each of these companies do. 


Location: Nashville, TN
Website: www.outboundview.com
Company Overview: OutboundView is focused on everything inside sales related and lead generation related. From a lead generation perspective they sell lead programs like buyer intent data, which finds companies and individuals searching for your exact products/services. They also provide B2B appointment setting services. Whether it’s content marketing, core lead gen, or appointment setting – OutboundView is a possible fit.  

OutboundView has clients across multiple industries.

Case Studies: https://www.outboundview.com/scale


Location: Portland, OR
Website: https://www.hellosells.com/services
Company Overview: HelloSells is a lead response service that helps you maximize the ROI of your marketing investment. They provide services such as live 24/7 lead response, live lead transfer, appointment scheduling and e-commerce support. 

HelloSells can also integrate directly with your marketing automation tool or CRM. 

Case Studies: https://www.hellosells.com

Martal Group

Location: Oakville, ON
Website: https://www.martal.ca/
Company Overview: Marta Group is a Canadian-based lead generation and sales agency focused on servicing B2B tech companies. They focus on many different pieces of the funnel including outbound, inbound, LinkedIn, and SEO.

Marta also provides fractional support for your team if needed. 

Case Studies: https://martal.ca/#our_customers


Location: Austin, TX
Website: https://ebq.com/
Company Overview: Based out of Austin, TX, EBQ offers appointment setting and lead generation services. Their team syncs their messaging with your brand’s and finds prospects so that your sales staff doesn’t have to.

In addition to appointment setting, EBQ provides full service sales and marketing outsourcing. You can outsource your entire sales, marketing, or customer service department to EBQ.

Case Studies: https://ebq.com/case-studies/


Location: Dover, DE
Website: https://belkins.io/
Company Overview: Based in Dover Delaware, Belkins is a unique provider of lead generation services. Belkins offers quite a few different lead generation services including core appointment setting, lead research, email deliverability services, and influencer marketing. In addition to offices in the US they also have an office in Ukraine.

Case Studies: https://belkins.io/case-studies/sujo

VSA, Inc.

Location: Haddon Township, NJ
Website: https://www.vsaprospecting.com/
Company Overview: Based out of Haddon Township, NJ, VSA offers B2B appointment setting services that integrate into your existing sales team. They become familiar with your product/services and act as though they were part of your organization, whether they’re making calls, receiving calls, or sending emails.

In addition to call center services they also offer core lead generation, marketing research, and list building services.

Case Studies:


Location: New York, NY
Website: https://www.leadroot.io/
Company Overview: Leadroot was founded out of the frustration of trying to find B2B sales data. Leadroot’s key services include key list building and lead research along with managed outreach on your behalf. Leadroot has offices in both New York as well as the Philippines. 

Case Studies: https://www.leadroot.io/blog?filter=customers


Location: Redwood, CA
Website: https://www.salesify.com/
Company Overview: Salesify’s appointment setting services allow you to outsource lead generation, allowing your sales team to focus on closing rather than prospecting. Based out of Redwood City CA, they offer customized solutions to best fit each particular business’ needs.

Salesify also offers a few unique services with their B2B Signals and Market Insights products which help you identify which companies you should be targeting.

Case Studies: https://www.salesify.com/customers/


Location: Encino, CA
Website: https://www.callboxinc.com/
Company Overview: Based in Encino CA, Callbox is focused on making your team better on the phones. They work across pretty much every industry and provide key services such as AI, caller experience, team management, and broad call center experience.  

Case Studies: https://callbox.com/stories/


Location: Solana Beach, CA
Website: https://cience.com/
Company Overview: Thanks to their 175+ customer reviews, CIENCE is rated as the #1 B2B Outbound Marketing Firm in the world. Leading with an ABM approach, they hand-curate named accounts and contact lists based on ideal customer profiles. They then design, execute, and optimize omnichannel GTM campaigns.

For lead generation solutions, CIENCE calls out Research, Outbound SDRs, Inbound SDRs, and value-added CRM Migration.

Case Studies: https://cience.com/case-studies/


Location: Republik, Ghaziabad India  
Website: http://salesaladin.com/
Company Overview: Based in India, SalesAladin is a full-service marketing and sales agency that can help you with your online presence, find more inbound leads, perform outbound outreach, and more. SalesAladin also works with marketing agencies as a white-label service for their clients.

SalesAladin has clients based around world.

Case Studies: http://salesaladin.com/index.php/case-studies/

XACT TeleSolutions

Location: Orlando, FL
Website: http://www.myxact.com/
Company Overview: Based in Orlando FL, XACT Telesolutions provides a wide variety of lead generation services including help desk, virtual receptionists, order enter, click-to-call, disaster recovery, and telephone surveys. They focus in pretty much every industry including Universities, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, hospitality, and tourism.

Case Studies: Unknown


Location: San Francisco, CA
Website: https://www.vsynergizeoutsourcing.com/
Company Overview: Based in San Francisco CA, VSynergize provides highly qualified leads across all key lead generation areas including B2B data, marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, appointment setting, voice verified leads, and contact discovery.

Use VSynergize’s lead generation across all sections of your business including inside sales, account-based marketing, and paid advertising. 

Case Studies: https://www.vsynergizeoutsourcing.com/case-studies/index.html

Pereus Marketing

Location: King of Prussia, PA
Website: http://pereusmarketing.com/
Company Overview: Pereus Marketing, located in King of Prussia, PA, features a team of US-based lead generators with years of appointment-setting experience. They produce custom scripts based off of their clients’ business and its message.

On their services page they reference many different offerings including cold calling, lead gen, inbound call centers, event staffing, and consulting. Pereus Marketing works across many different industries and sectors. 

Case Studies: http://pereusmarketing.com/case-studies/


Location: Alexandria, VA
Website: https://www.leadium.io/
Company Overview: Alexandria, VA’s Leadium produces appointments based on data analysis, multi-channel outreach, and the latest sales technology. They focus on data-driven results rather than scattershot cold-calling.

Leadium has three core offerings – lead generation, database enrichment, and appointment setting. On their website they reference data cleansing and contact data much more than most appointment setting companies (which is great).

Case Studies:

Lead to Market

Location: Stafford, TX
Website: http://www.leadtomarket.com/
Company Overview: Based in Stafford Texas, Lead to Market is a marketing agency focused on conversion optimization, content marketing, demand generation services, back office services and digital marketing. 

They have offices both in the US as well as India to help meeting their client’s needs. Their demand generation offering includes list sourcing, demand surveys, social media, and direct contact initiatives.  

Case Studies: http://www.leadtomarket.com/case-studies.html


Location: Poznan, Poland
Website: http://genli.tilda.ws/
Company Overview: Genli focused exclusively on Linkedin lead generation. Based in the Urkraine they provide offerings across Europe as well as the United States.

Case Studies: Unknown

Location: Portland, OR
Website: https://revenuezen.com/
Company Overview: Based out of Portland, OR (as well as the US), RevenueZen is your on-demand growth team. One very unique thing about RevenueZen is they don’t only focus in outbound marketing, they have inbound marketing and social selling capabilities. They have many different lead generation offerings they can offer with both content and social. 

Much of their work is with SaaS startups and they are definitely a breathe of fresh air in the appointment setting space. 

Case Studies: https://revenuezen.com/outbound-sales-case-study/

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