Buyer Movement

Where Did All Your Past Clients Go?

You get an inbound lead. You send that individual an email to schedule a time to meet. Before the meeting, you start to do a little prep to figure out who you are talking to, more about their company, and how to have the most effective initial conversation.

Then you see it. Jackpot! This individual worked at a client of yours six months ago and is now in a new role.

Is there a better lead in the world? They have to be reaching out because they liked your product or service at their past company.

Of all the different types of leads you can get, the lead that has experience with your company at a past employer is one of the best.

Have you ever thought, how do I find more of these leads?

We created Buyer Movement to help your organization figure out where all your past clients went.

At a high-level, here’s how we do it:

First, you need to take a look at all your CRM and marketing automation data for your clients over a set period of time.

We take that list and load anyone you think is worth tracking into our proprietary OutboundCheck system.


Our system will help us identify where these individuals have gone (if anywhere), their current job title, current company, and when they left their previous organization.

Our team of inside salespeople will then go in and verify all information is correct. This level of research helps you understand where the people have gone that you have in your systems.

There is then a secondary level of research needed, which is figuring out who are the people from your existing clients that aren’t in your internal systems (CRM or marketing automation) that need to be tracked down.

There will be a lot more people in this bucket because most companies don’t do a great job of keeping track of all the key influencers and buyers within an account.

To do this you can use a combination of a lot of different tools. We use LinkedIn, employment verification companies, and major contact database companies to do this work.

Finally, we human-verify every single lead to ensure that we have leads that our clients want to speak with, then we gather and validate all the contact information for these people.

This process is long and exhausting. But if done correctly, you will have a list of leads that will meet with you and close at a rate higher than any other lead category.

If you’d like more information on our Buyer Movement program and how we can help you find all your past clients, don’t hesitate to contact us.