Unexpected Results From Appointment Setting

Unexpected Results From Appointment Setting


You have decided to outsource appointment setting. You’ve researched multiple vendors, chosen your favorite, signed a contract, and successfully integrated them with your company. The hire has been a success, and the vendor is setting multiple new meetings each month. So, what’s next?

While the main function of appointment setting companies is to set meetings, they have several other perks. Below we will discuss three major results you can expect from an appointment setting company who is setting consistent meetings for you.

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Messaging; what works and what doesn’t

Message testing helps companies find out what their current and potential customers are thinking. This process helps determine which messages will resonate and grab the viewer’s attention, and which will be deleted seconds after they are opened. Your appointment setting company is already handling this for you!  While they are setting up meetings, they are simultaneously testing email messaging, call scripts, and getting real-time feedback on what your market is and isn’t interested in.

Conversations with your target market 

In addition to testing out your current messaging campaign, the appointment setter’s are also scheduling calls with organizations who may not know your company. Through these calls, your sales team can gain so much insight into your target market. What they are looking for, what their current suppliers lack, and a general idea of what they are willing to spend. It’s very common for a company to realize that specific features/functions of their solution aren’t resonating with potential clients.

A plan for future hire’s

Have you uncovered new markets to target and need more marketing support? Are you consistently setting enough meetings outsourcing that you should consider bringing the process in-house? Do you need additional outside sales teams to cover all these new prospects? With all of these new meetings and conversations with target markets, it quickly becomes evident where you need to grow your company.

The overall goal of an appointment setting company is always to set new meetings that drive revenue, but the additional insights gained from acquiring these new prospects goes far beyond the pipeline and revenue generated.

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