Intent Data

Identify Companies Most Likely to Purchase Your Product or Service

OutboundView provides B2B companies a daily list of leads showing intent to buy.

What Is Intent Data?

Data that is collected about web users content consumption or observed behavior that can provide insight about their interests or intent to buy a product or service.

What We’re Tracking

1,500+ Software & Service Categories

We track the most popular B2B product and service categories.

Job Boards & Current Openings

We track global job openings to identify companies hiring for specific roles.

Custom Competitor Searches

Figure out which companies and individuals are interacting with your competitors.

Keyword Searches

Identify companies and individuals searching for specific products and services.

Online Content

White papers, case studies, blogs, registrations, infographics

Event Attendance

Figure out who's attending industry events both online and offline.

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Will Intent Data Work for Your Company?

Let's try it.
OutboundView offers a free trial specifically for your company so you can validate buyer intent data.
What You'll Know After the Trial:

Case Studies

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Pipeline Growth

GMB Corporation doubled pipeline with the use of OutboundView's buyer intent data.


Sales Qualified LEads

Honest Policy averaged 3x the number of sales qualified leads using intent data instead of purely prospecting with cold leads.

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New Leads Monthly

GP Strategies added 1,000 new highly qualified leads per month for their inside sales team to actively follow up with.

How It Works

Step 1

Choose Terms & Areas of Interest

For your target market (3,000+ key categories)

Step 2

OutboundView Monitors Online Activity

To identify companies and individuals searching for products and services in your space.

Step 3

Receive a Daily List of Warm Leads

Identified above with their email, phone, company information, LinkedIn profile, and more.

How We Share The Data

We provide validated leads in a CSV emailed daily/weekly.
Or, integrate directly with your CRM or Marketing Automation Tool.
Just let us know what works best for your team.


Partner with us

Don't worry about a thing. We'll work with your team to identify the warmest leads, individuals and companies looking for your product or service. Regardless of the number of leads, you pay a flat price.

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