The Fastest Way to Drive More Blog Traffic (Without Creating New Content)

The Fastest Way To Drive More Blog Traffic (Without Creating New Content)


Are you looking to immediately increase blog traffic? You should be nodding your head right about now……..


Focus on enhancing and promoting existing content. Period.

If you are like most B2B companies, your content strategy looks like this…..

Your company has a blog, you regularly’ish write new pieces, you publish, throw the link out on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter.

Then you wait for traffic……which never seems to come…..

You ask the sales team to help promote the content or your executives retweet or share the content once on LinkedIn.

After a week or so, the promotion for that post is over and you move on to the next great idea – which will for sure bring you a bunch of new visitors, right?!?

Wrong. If you’ve gone through this process before you know how frustrating it can be to put in the work to see limited results.

The biggest mistakes we see from a content marketing strategy is too much focus on new content. And not enough focus on optimizing existing content.

Think of tackling a post ranking 5-20 on Google for specific keywords or generating the most demos/subscribers and so on.

Put time and dollars enhancing those pieces before you spend another minute building new.

So, how do you get strategic about choosing the right pieces to enhance? At the most basic level, here’s the process:

  1. Identify Content Worth Optimizing
    • High Search Impressions but Not Ranking Top 10 On Google
    • Driving Goal Conversions (Demo, Email Subscribers, Revenue, Etc.)
  2. Prioritize Target Pages
    • Analyze Opportunity Based on Volume/Difficulty
  3. Optimize Target Pages
    • Increase Quality of Content
    • Improve User Experience
    • Verify Technical Health
  4. Re-Promote Content
    • Redistribute and Amplify Updated Pieces

If you want results short term you are better off focusing on the above.

Stop “checking the box” and get more strategic on where you are spending your precious time and dollars!

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