How To Implement Appointment Setting

How to Implement Appointment Setting

So you have researched an exhaustive list of appointment setting companies, selected your top choice, and signed a contract. Now what?  Where should you go from here? The answer, drumroll please…….IMPLEMENTATION! Implementation is crucial to the success of the very company you hired to help you. Imagine buying a new car for your 16 year old, but never teaching them how to drive it.  What could possibly go wrong with that situation???  You need to develop a plan for how you want to incorporate your new appointment setters into your company, and how you want to introduce them to your core values and culture. There are three core steps that should be followed for successful implementation:

      1. Strategic Onboarding

      2. Agree on Expectations

      3. Articulate Company Values 

Strategic Onboarding

Train, train, train! You need to train your new hire’s on your business. They need to know how your company works, what products or services you offer, and what makes your business stand out from the rest. Take some time to introduce them to your company, train them on your core values and key differentiators, and the overall work culture. If you want them to best represent your company, you need to teach them about your company. If you plan on using your internal sales technology, make sure they know how to use it as well. If the appointment setting company will be using their own technology, make sure you are aware of how it works and functions. Both teams need to be on the same page to be successful. 

Agree on Expectations

To be successful, the appointment setting company needs to be aware of what you expect of them, and how much you are going to pay them for such results. Discuss with them the expected number of new meetings you expect per month, and the percentage of new sales you expect to close. If they are setting 20 new meetings per month for you, and all the clients are not a good fit for your company, that isn’t the best use of your time or money. If you have any questions, contact us for more information on our appointment setting services.

Articulate Company Values

Your appointment setter’s are representing you and your company, and you want them to reflect that. Train them on all company policies and procedures, and what values and behaviors are expected of them. This will ensure that your company’s image and messaging maintains the same high quality throughout. An appointment setting company can be extremely profitable for your company, but their level of success depends on proper implementation. Develop a detailed implementation plan, and create a roadmap for how you want to train your new hire’s. Teach them your company policies and core values. Be cognizant of your expenses and how they are helping you achieve your overall goal. All of these measures will keep you inline with your original objectives, and ensure the best rate of success. For a recap, or for more information on appointment setting, check out our articles on What to Expect From Outsourcing Appointment Setting, and Appointment Setting FAQ’s. Contact us if you have any questions, or would like additional information on our appointment setting services.   

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