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B2B Sales Consulting

Are you mystified by the B2B sales process? Maybe you’re having problems finding new opportunities. Maybe you’re trying to be more successful with the opportunities you already have. Maybe you need an overhaul of your entire sales process. Whatever challenge you’re facing, you might be considering B2B sales consulting. But what exactly do such consultants do? Here are three of the main areas served by B2B sales consultants.

1. How to find new customers:

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Most (but not all) B2B sales consultants don’t actually focus on finding new qualified opportunities – things like lead generation, inside sales, inbound marketing, and so on. This is because a lot of them are former sales leaders or VPs who haven’t dealt with lead generation in a really long time. If you’re looking for someone to help you find new customers, make sure that’s something they offer. Most B2B sales consultants will focus on the following two areas.

2. How to close with existing customers.

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There are multiple factors that can go into winning more of your opportunities. One is the sales process – does it need to be tweaked, or redefined altogether? And what about your salespeople? The best area for a B2B sales consultant to focus is helping you understand the customer and their buyer journey – that is, the customer’s experience from your first introduction all the way to when they sign the contract. The second best place is training your salespeople. Training them to be more customer-focused and teaching them the skills needed to win opportunities – things like presentation, negotiation, closing skills, and so on.

3. How to grow existing accounts.

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Finally, B2B consultants can help you grow and maintain accounts you already have. They could utilize accounts management processes, help you map your accounts and find the right people to contact in each account. They can also help you incentivize the right behaviors in your salespeople to maximize your success.

B2B marketing isn’t a walk in the park, but a B2B sales consultant could help you grow your business. If you’re having trouble winning opportunities or growing existing ones, they can help you find which pieces of your sales strategy you’re missing. A B2B consultant worth their salt can get you and your salespeople on the right track towards closing more consistently.

If you would like some help growing your business, let us know here.  We would be more than happy to show you how we can help you effectively optimize your current processes, and utilize new strategies. And if we can’t help or aren’t a fit, we know a lot of B2B sales consultants in the space to recommend.