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We’ve also linked case studies for each of the appointment setting companies as well!


Location: Nashville, TN
Website: www.outboundview.com
Company Overview: OutboundView is focused on everything inside sales related, from outsourced appointment setting to setting up internal inside sales teams for B2B clients.

OutboundView is a high-service boutique player in the B2B Appointment Setting space with clients across many different industries.

Case Studies:


Location: Coral Springs, Florida
Website: https://salesroads.com/
Company Overview: SalesRoads offers the opportunity to reach the seemingly unreachable decision makers at larger organizations. Based out of Coral Springs, FL, they develop a strategy based on their clients’ goals and use data gained during the execution of said strategy to tweak and refine their efforts.

SalesRoads offerings B2B appointment setting, lead generation, and full outsourced sales organizations.

Case Studies: https://salesroads.com/testimonials/

By Appointment only

Location: Chelmsford, MA
Website: https://www.baoinc.com/
Company Overview:
By Appointment Only is one of the most recognizable names in the appointment setting space. They offer many different appointment setting services and have four locations throughout the US. BAO offers services such as appointment setting, account-based marketing, lead qualification, contact databases, and account mapping.

Case Studies:


Location: Austin, TX
Website: https://ebq.com/
Company Overview: Based out of Austin, TX, EBQ offers appointment setting and lead generation services. Their team syncs their messaging with your brand’s and finds prospects so that your sales staff doesn’t have to.

In addition to appointment setting, EBQ provides full service sales and marketing outsourcing. You can outsource your entire sales, marketing, or customer service department to EBQ.

Case Studies: https://ebq.com/case-studies/

Strategic Sales & Marketing

Location: Hartford, CT
Website: https://www.manageyourleads.com/
Company Overview: Established in 1989, Hartford, CT’s Strategic Sales and Marketing offers decades of experience in the B2B appointment setting arena. Along with those decades comes the ability to successfully help companies of various sizes and goals, and with a large variety of products.

Strategic Sales & Marketing has a lot of different services on their website including appointment setting, lead gen, email marketing, coaching, and social media management.

Case Studies: https://www.manageyourleads.com/testimonials/

VSA, Inc.

Location: Haddon Township, NJ
Website: https://www.vsaprospecting.com/
Company Overview: Based out of Haddon Township, NJ, VSA offers B2B appointment setting services that integrate into your existing sales team. They become familiar with your product/services and act as though they were part of your organization, whether they’re making calls, receiving calls, or sending emails.

Case Studies:


Location: San Francisco, CA
Website: https://www.vsynergizeoutsourcing.com/
Company Overview: Based out of San Francisco, Vsynergize offers a large and constantly growing database of prospects and has experience with everything from small businesses to international organizations. Each of the appointments they set goes through rigorous quality control to ensure success.

Appointment setting is a small piece of what they do, they call out data purchasing, demand generation, lead nurturing, and event marketing.

Case Studies: https://www.vsynergizeoutsourcing.com/case-studies.html


Location: Redwood, CA
Website: https://www.salesify.com/
Company Overview: Salesify’s appointment setting services allow you to outsource lead generation, allowing your sales team to focus on closing rather than prospecting. Based out of Redwood City, CA, they offer customized solutions to best fit each particular business’ needs.

Salesify is not just an appointment setting company they also have data products and help set qualified marketing leads.

Case Studies: https://www.salesify.com/customers/

Ecoast Marketing

Location: Rochester, NH
Website: https://www.ecoastmarketing.com/
Company Overview: Rochester, NH’s eCoast Marketing boasts over 18 years of experience creating opportunities and setting appointments. They help identify and then engage top decision-makers in targeted organizations, leading to an increased sales pipeline.

eCoast calls out three specific solutions – sales, marketing, and channel development.

Case Studies: https://www.ecoastmarketing.com/who-we-are


Location: Solana Beach, CA
Website: https://cience.com/
Company Overview: Thanks to their 175+ customer reviews, CIENCE is rated as the #1 B2B Outbound Marketing Firm in the world. Leading with an ABM approach, they hand-curate named accounts and contact lists based on ideal customer profiles. They then design, execute, and optimize omnichannel GTM campaigns.

For lead generation solutions, CIENCE calls out Research, Outbound SDRs, Inbound SDRs, and value-added CRM Migration.

Case Studies: https://cience.com/case-studies/

SalesPro Leads

Location: Reno, NV
Website: https://salesproleads.com/
Company Overview: Sales Pro Leads, based out of Reno, NV, offers custom lead generation initiatives based on their clients’ individual needs. They first consult with each client to fully understand their product, business, and goals.

SalesPro Leads calls out Custom B2B Lead Generation as their core service but they do detail out key industries such as IT, Software, Telecom, Healthcare, Marketing & Advertising, and Professional Sales.

Case Studies: https://salesproleads.com/clients/

Extended Presence

Location: Denver, CO
Website: http://extendedpresence.com/
Company Overview: Located in Denver, CO, Extended Presence helps find and set appointments with highly qualified leads. They also make the hand-off process to your sales team as smooth as possible, giving them the information needed to make each appointment a success.

On their services page they call out a number of different offerings including demand generation, customer profiling, webinar and event promotion, and integrated marketing services.

Case Studies: http://extendedpresence.com/clients-overview.html

B2B Only Appointment Setters

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Website: https://best-appointmentsetters.com/
Company Overview: Phoenix, AZ’s B2B Only Appointment Setters is entirely U.S. based, with offices all over the country in each time zone. They work to ensure your brand’s identity and messaging is maintained during the entire appointment setting process.

They don’t call out any other services except B2B appointment setting.

Case Studies: Unknown

Pereus Marketing

Location: King of Prussia, PA
Website: http://pereusmarketing.com/
Company Overview: Pereus Marketing, located in King of Prussia, PA, features a team of US-based lead generators with years of appointment-setting experience. They produce custom scripts based off of their clients’ business and its message.
On their services page they reference many different offerings including cold calling, lead gen, inbound call centers, event staffing, and consulting.

Case Studies:


Location: Alexandria, VA
Website: https://www.leadium.io/
Company Overview: Alexandria, VA’s Leadium produces appointments based on data analysis, multi-channel outreach, and the latest sales technology. They focus on data-driven results rather than scattershot cold-calling.

Leadium has three core offerings – lead generation, database enrichment, and appointment setting. On their website they reference data cleansing and contact data much more than most appointment setting companies (which is great).

Case Studies:


Location: Temecula, CA
Website: http://smashdeck.com/
Company Overview: Smashdeck based out of Temecula, CA, helps research ideal customer profiles, prospects and builds lists, and takes a multi-channel approach to appointment setting. They then hone their campaigns based on what is working and what isn’t, optimizing results.

There focus is VC-Backed SaaS solutions and niche solutions in industries like Healthcare.

Case Studies: http://smashdeck.com/hilton-publishing-case-study/

Lead Generators International

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Website: https://clientfinders.com/
Company Overview: Based out of Vancouver, Canada (as well as the US), Lead Generators International boasts over 25 years of experience in setting appointments. They can help you learn the names of the executives you wish to target based off of job titles, helping you target the right person.

Lead Generators has a number of services above and beyond appointment setting such as event promotion, database cleansing, and telephone surveys. They reference some very large tech companies as customers like HP, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle.

Case Studies: https://clientfinders.com/clients/case-studies/

Location: Portland, OR
Website: https://revenuezen.com/
Company Overview: Based out of Portland, OR (as well as the US), RevenueZen is your on-demand growth team. One very unique thing about RevenueZen is they don’t only focus in outbound marketing, they have inbound marketing and social selling capabilities.

Much of their work is with SaaS startups and they are definitely a breathe of fresh air in the appointment setting space. 

Case Studies: https://revenuezen.com/outbound-sales-case-study/

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