Where Did All Your
Past Contacts Go?

Quite simply, most people lose track of them.
People change jobs. Companies change owners. And all these valuable contacts get lost in the mix.

That’s why we’ve created PastView, where we do the work to track down these lost contacts.

Acquiring new customers costs 5-10x more than selling to current customers

How It Works

We combine your databases with our proprietary software.

Our inside sales team then gets to work tracking down your highest converting leads – individuals who have already experienced and loved your product or service.

These buyers are more likely than any other lead category to purchase your product or service.

The result?

A list of qualified buyers.

Who convert to opportunities at a higher rate than buyers with no experience with your company.

Completely validated leads who have worked for your clients and are in a position to purchase your product or service again.

Current customers spend 67% more on average than net-new customers.

Our Process

Step 1

Upfront analysis

  • Understanding your existing customers
  • Defining key buyer personas you sell to
  • Analyzing your existing lead and contact data
Step 2

Research & Analysis

  • Our team uses various sources to track down past customers and users
  • Our proprietary technology finds, prioritizes, and tracks down all lead data
  • Lead cleansing & contact verification
Step 3

Lead Sharing

  • Custom write-ups on each lead for your sales team
  • Including information on this individuals role, team, and organization
  • We provide validated contact data so your team can engage with these leads

Client Success Story

GMB provided us with 6,000 existing contacts, from which we identified 700 individuals who had changed organizations and had a job title relevant to GMB’s targeting.

Further analysis of a GMB’s existing customer list yielded another 1,200 leads who had experience with GMB products from a previous company.


Within six weeks we provided 1,900 leads with validated contact information that met GMB’s requirements.

135 NET

Resulting in 135 net new meetings set by GMB’s inside sales team.


GMB had their inside sales team focus only on these leads for a 2-month period.


More than $2M in potential pipeline from their first campaign.

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