Are your salespeople struggling with consistently filling the sales funnel?
Our 8-week bootcamp ensures salespeople are focused on their sales territory strategy and can consistently find qualified opportunities.

  • In-Depth Territory Analysis & Plan
  • Identify Accounts Most Likely to Buy
  • Identify Buyers at Prospective Accounts
  • A Proven Process to Predictably Generate Pipeline
  • Email/Phone/Social Media Training & Strategy
  • Campaign Execution
  • Ongoing E-Learning & Support

The OutboundView team provides 1:1 coaching for each participant to ensure the bootcamp is customized to their unique territory and product offering.   Our team also helps with time consuming efforts such as account research, list building, and campaign execution.

8-Week Sales Training Modules

The 8-Week Filling the Funnel Sales Bootcamp is a strategic way to ensure your salespeople can predictably find leads in their territory. The bootcamp is delivered for one-off salespeople or entire sales teams. The majority of the work is completed virtually with 1:1 coaching sessions.

Kick-Off, Defining Goals, & Outbound Marketing Training

In week one we define specific goals, align calendars, and practice critical concepts in outbound marketing.

Territory Analysis & Plan

Week two is all about being critical about your sales territory strategy. Who are the most likely businesses to buy, and how do we categorize A vs B vs C vs D accounts. We build a defined territory and prospecting plan for the different segments of the territory.

Understanding the Buyer, Building Messaging, & List Building

Who exactly is your buyer and what are their pain points? We build buyer personas at different levels of prospect organization. We finish the week with a focus on messaging and starting the list building process (which OutboundView helps with).

Building Effective Campaigns

Week four is about building effective campaigns and preparing to start execution and outreach in your territory.  We focus on building multi-step campaigns at different levels of the organization (ex: VPs and front-line employees have very needs).

Campaign Execution Launch

In week five we start outreach and begin to see how our messaging is resonating. At this point, we are beginning to execute on multiple campaigns.  Our team comes along-side participants to help with campaign execution.

Campaign Execution, Testing, & Coaching

In week six we are in full execution mode on multiple campaigns.  As we start to see early results, we make the appropriate adjustments to refine our messaging and approach.

Building a Two-Month Outreach Plan

As we continue with our initial outreach, it is time to start planning and organizing future outreach.  We detail out the level of activity needed to be successful and prioritize our time on top targets.

Analysis, Results, & Adjustment

As we wind down the bootcamp, it’s important to look back at the results from our first month of outreach, and make the necessary adjustments. This is also a time to connect with internal teams, sales management, and other sales professionals in the organization to ensure the information we are learning is being shared throughout your team.


“For us to grow we needed our outside salespeople prospecting.  The OutboundView team walked our account executives through a process that made it easy.  They helped with list building, processes, and really trained our team on how to be smart about who they target within their territory.  We actually have outside salespeople finding their own opportunities now, it’s been an amazing progression.”

-CRO Publicly Traded Company

How Does Your Team Find New Opportunities?

Creating a sales culture that finds and wins new logos is challenging. To build a predictable pipeline you must have the right infrastructure, processes, people, and tools. At OutboundView, we help B2B companies design and execute their top of funnel sales strategies.