We Guarantee 10-20 Meetings Booked In 30 Days Or You Don't Pay.

Here's why we can guarantee meetings and our competitors can't.

We DON'T target cold leads to set appointments. 

We ONLY target the buyers our clients have sold to in the past who are now in similar roles at new companies.

We contact these people and book meetings directly on the calendars of your sales team.

For us to work together you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have at Least 25 Existing Customers
  • Been in Business for 2+ Years
  • Have Happy Customers
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Our Process Explained (2 min)

Our Customers Love Us

"If you aren't tracking executive job changes you should be - these deals are so much easier to close."

Mike Wirth - VP of Sales ProviderTrust

"The Buyer Movement process found us 50 qualified opportunities in the first two months"

Russ Becker - CRO - GP Strategies

"Tracking job changes and re-engaging our biggest fans helped us find new sales pipeline immediately!

Dyke Debrie - VP Marketing Steele Compliance

Our Guarantee.

We'll Book 10-20 Qualified Meetings in the First Month.

Or you don't pay

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Will our company have enough leads for this process to work?

You’ll be surprised how many leads have moved from your existing clients. Most people are only talking with their main point of contact in an existing account. You forget that a lot of people within your existing customer base know of your product or service. Each year there is typically 10-20% movement with B2B buyers. Most of the companies we work with easily find 1,000+ potential leads who have moved in the past 2-3 years.

How long does the engagement last?

The length of the engagement depends on the number of warm leads generated. One resource from our team is able to work through 300-400 prospects per month. Most BuyerMovement client engagements last 2-6 months.

What type of outreach does your team perform?

Once we've found these targeted leads, we focus on highly customized outreach via email, phone, LinkedIn, videos, and customized mailers.

How long does the research take?

For most clients, we are performing 1-2 weeks of research which ends up being hundreds of hours. Our team is finding all the individuals who have left your existing clients and can purchase from you again. Once we find all the people our team will fully validate all their new contact information (phone, email, LinkedIn, etc.)

How is BuyerMovement priced?

There is a base monthly cost. The first month is $7,000 and includes all research, contact validation, and one-month of customized outreach. Each additional month costs $5,500. We GUARANTEE the number of qualified meetings you receive each month.

About OutboundView

At OutboundView we spend all day helping our clients find qualified sales opportunities.

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