Appointment Setting Services

Tired of your team missing sales quotas? Retention and training new sales hires costs only increasing?

You are not alone. According to Forbes, 57% of Sales Reps (1) missed their quotas last year. And the cost to replace a sales rep is $90,000+, yikes! (2)

Many times missed quotas are directly related to not having enough sales pipeline.
Appointment setting services help businesses build sales pipeline.

Appointment setting services will book meetings on your behalf, and your team closes the deals. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, yes and no. Choosing the wrong provider will set you back thousands of dollars in direct costs and time.

The key is selecting the right appointment setting service for your business.

Below we will outline the key factors to help make the decision of which appointment setting service to choose a bit easier for you.

Overview - Key Appointment setting Considerations

The key factors to consider when choosing & managing an outsourced appointment setting company.


The onboarding process with a new appointment setting company should be similar to the process of a new salesperson. 

They should be asking you questions about your products and services, and trying to fully understand what differentiates your offering.


What is the company using for ongoing technology? Will you have access? Can you listen in on calls? View emails coming in and responses? How are you going to get this information back into your systems of record? 

Assume the relationship will end and be proactive.


It’s important to note what are you learning from all this outreach. How many calls is it taking to get a connect? How many emails are they sending to get a positive response?

You can then make the appropriate adjustments. Such as should you continue to outsource or perform this function internally.


Similar to having an internal inside sales team, you have to actively manage an appointment setting company. 

You can’t just set and forget. Expect to spend 5-10 hours a week managing the process.


At the end of the day, it really does come down to the people they hire. Make sure you are interviewing their inside reps, not just their managers. These are the people that are going to be calling on your behalf. 

Have them call and pitch to you. Make them describe your offering to you and ensure they understand your differentiators.


Regardless of the vendor be prepared to give it at least 3 months to start working. 

Outbound marketing takes a while to get fully going, so if you aren’t seeing immediate results, this is normal. Have realistic expectations upfront.

It takes a lot of management to use an outsourced sales development company. So be prepared to put in the work.

Services - Different Offerings

There are many different variations of outsourcing appointment setting.

I’ve listed out the 3 main options.

Dedicated reps
that work on your account

Team of people
who are working

Charge by numbers
of hours, or a specific level
of meetings or activities.

List - Top Appointment Setting Companies

We wanted to cut through the noise and identify the top 15-20 companies that have consistently created results for their clients.

We took into account many factors such as reviews, case studies, length of time being around, and overall reputation in the market.
By Appointment Only
Strategic Sales & Marketing
VSA, Inc.
Ecoast Marketing
SalesPro Leads
Extended Presence
B2B Only Appointment Setters
Pereus Marketing
Lead Generators International
Take a look at our full reviews of the Appointment Setting Companies.
I may be bias with OutboundView, but you don’t have to take my word for it, listen to what a few of our customers had to say!

Pricing - How Appointment setting Customers Are Charged

Appointment setting services have 3 common payment options:

Base Monthly Fee

This is the most common of all the offerings. Billing on a certain level of service or dedicated time. On top of the base fee, many have a commission structure in place for number of appointments set.


This focuses on agreeing to a certain number of activities early on in the campaign. Scale what's working and kill what's not. Which gives the prospect the ability to make sound business decisions. A few months in, you will know how many activities you should create for your desired sales pipeline.


Determining a fee for each appointment set is another popular method. Often times with this type of setup, there is also some type of implementation fee to get started.

Process - Standard Appointment Setting Steps

The appointment setting process depends on the appointment setting company and the business looking to outsource appointment setting.

At the most basic level, this is what the appointment setting process looks like.


The business identifies that they need more sales opportunities and they don’t have the resources to set the appointments internally.


Discuss the target market, available contact lists, number of leads they are looking for, value proposition, and timeline.


The appointment setting company will evaluate the type of contact they are reaching out to, and assess how difficult it will be to connect with them.


The appointment setting company will assess the internal technology at the company and decide whether or not they will need to purchase contact lists to find people to reach out to.


The appointment setting company creates a proposal, including what the cost will be per appointment set (a specified number of appointments made) or what the flat monthly fee will be..


If the business decides to move forward with the appointment setting company, they will sign the contract and move on to the onboarding process.


At this point, the companies get together and discuss value proposition, messaging, and develop a project plan.From there you build a launch schedule.


Approve messaging then the appointment setting company starts executing call, email, and/or social media campaigns program.


Once an appointment is set, the appointment setter usually schedules time on the calendar of a salesperson at the business. At that time, they have the introductory call.


You will meet with the appointment setting company on a weekly basis to review key results, make adjustments, and plan for the upcoming weeks

Overall, there are a lot of benefits you can gain from using an appointment setting service.

At the end of the day, it usually comes down to the people and processes of the appointment setting service.

Make sure you have realistic expectations and also the management infrastructure in place to ensure your appointment setting company is getting the internal support needed to be successful.

And if you need some help deciding.

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